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Vampire novels

Darkness, 2001

Siciliano's third vampire novel is very different from the earlier ones.  The first two have contemporary settings, an American locale, and some really nasty vampires.  In Darkness he returns to Victorian London just before the dawn of  a new century and creates his first sympathetic vampire, Teresa, La Contessa di Rospo.

Blood Feud, 1994, reprinted 2001

Set in and around Portland, Oregon, BLOOD FEUD uses the weather and setting of the Northwest in the same way that BLOOD FARM used Iowa locales.  A major episode occurs near Mount Hood, while the finale takes place at the Oregon Coast.  A young man and woman are caught up in an ancient deadly feud between two vampires, a male and female.

Blood Farm: an Iowa Gothic, 1988

How you gonna keep 'em down on the farm...?

Siciliano's first vampire novel is a retelling of the Dracula story set amidst the Iowa corn fields in the early 1970s.  Hitchhiking undergraduate Angela Rosalba learns that it is not a good idea to accept rides in a battered ancient Cadillac hearse, even on a February evening when the temperature hovers near zero degrees. 

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