Sam Siciliano has had three vampire novels published:

BLOOD FARM: AN IOWA GOTHIC, Pageant Books, mass market paperback, 1988   BLOOD FEUD, Pinnacle Books, mass market paperback, 1993, reprinted 2001   DARKNESS, Pinnacle Books, mass market paperback, 2001

He has also had six Sherlock Holmes novels published by Titan Books.

The titles appeared as part of Titan's FURTHER ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES series.  All are available as trade paperbacks or in various e-book formats.

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THE ANGEL OF THE OPERA, Otto Penzler Books, hardcover, 1994; reprinted by Titan, 2011

THE WEB WEAVER, January 2012


THE WHITE WORM, February 2016



And new in  April 2020,

THE VENERABLE TIGER:  After many years in India, the eccentric irascible Grimbold Pratt has returned to the family home where he keeps a wolf, a tiger, and wives, these last of which have a bad habit of dying off.  Does he really have a fortune in jewels dating from the Sepoy Mutiny which rightfully belong to his beautiful young stepdaughter?  Holmes and Vernier must visit his country home to find out.

From Publishers Weekly review:


At the outset of Siciliano’s excellent seventh Holmes pastiche (after 2018’s The Devil and the Four), which takes its inspiration from Conan Doyle’s “The Adventure of the Speckled Band,” 21-year-old Isabel Stone, who lives with her stepfather, Capt. Grimbold Pratt, calls on Sherlock Holmes at 221B Baker Street. Miss Stone has discovered a note from her late mother stating that Pratt and her father, Maj. Hubert Stone, who were stationed in India together, each returned to England decades ago with a share of a treasure-trove of jewels....  Miss Stone hopes Holmes will help her get her rightful inheritance. Siciliano plants suggestions early on that the new client may not be who she seems and that the story line will deviate from that of “The Speckled Band.” This clever mystery is further proof that Siciliano is one of the best contemporary pasticheurs.

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